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English National Ballet’s five-star critically acclaimed production of Lest We Forget got rave reviews.

Lest We Forget rave reviews

Award-winning British choreographers Akram Khan (Dust), Russell Maliphant (Second Breath) and Liam Scarlett (No Man’s Land) have each created new work to reflect the moving and powerful impact of the First World War on those setting off to fight and those left behind. Khan’s work explores the empowerment of women in the war whilst Maliphant’s conveys the sacrifice of the men. Scarlett’s work explores the relationship between men and the women they leave behind – the loss and longing. The programme is completed by George Williamson ’s re-worked Firebird set to the commanding Stravinsky score performed by our live orchestra.

Amazing” Jeffery Taylor, Sunday Express.
“A brave and brilliant move from director Tamara RojoLyndsey Winship” Evening Standard.
“Make this absolutely an evening to catch if you can Hanna Weibye, The Arts Desk.
Lest We Forget is both moving and ambitious Zoë Anderson, The Independent.
“A turning point in ENB’s history” Judith Mackrel, The Guardian.
“Melancholic but thrillingly uplifting” Sarah Crompton, Telegraph.

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Good Swan, Bad Swan: Dancing Swan Lake

Good Swan, Bad Swan: Dancing Swan Lake

Photographer: Arnaud Stephenson


   “Good Swan, Bad Swan: Dancing Swan Lake”
Filmed by BBC

Artistic Director and Lead Principal dancer of English National Ballet, in character as the White Swan, Odette, in Swan Lake. Tamara Rojo.

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Eight Reasons Why Le Corsaire Is a Must

Get Your Pirate On: Eight Reasons Why Le Corsaire Is a Must. Posted on 16 Oct 2013 by The Ballet Bag



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Tribute to Rudolf Nureyev

Tribute to Rudolf Nureyev

Some reviews

Ismene Brown on Friday, 26 July 2013.

«You almost instinctively describe Nureyev as ‘blinding’, but ‘illuminating’ is much more apt»
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Laura Thompson The Telegraph on 26 Jul 2013.

“The late Rudolf Nureyev would have been moved by the perfection of Vadim Muntagirov’s arabesque”.
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English National Ballet shows its strengths in a triple bill inspired by Rudolf Nureyev.

Hanna Weibye on 29 July 2013
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Swan Lake in the round 2013

“SWAN LAKE” in the round of the Royal Albert Hall

Swan Lake in the round

Zoë Anderson:“On opening night, Tamara Rojo’s Swan Queen had the charisma to fill the whole space”

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Lyndsey Winship, London Evenig Standard:“There’s pause-button control in her early white swan scenes as her demure Odette deliciously stretches out her phrases with elegant assuredness. Later you can feel the adrenaline rising in the room as she spins her way through the 32 fouettés, ending with a sweet smirk that seems to say: “Oh that? Easy.”

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Luke Jennings, The Observer, Sunday 16 June 2013:

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The Telegraph, Louise Levene“Critics spoiled rotten by a life of perfect sightlines in the front stalls found the encircling audience distracting and carped that the sheer size of the Albert Hall made it impossible for the artists to convey emotion. Anyone who has watched their idols from the back row of Covent Garden’s amphitheatre through a forest of craning heads will know that this is nonsense”.

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In praise of … Tamara Rojo – The Guardian Editorial

“Ms Rojo is leaving the Royal Ballet at the top of her game, not with diminished powers”.

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Posted 2 years, 3 months ago at 10:43 am.

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“Dancing like there’s no Tamara”

Louise Jury, Chief Arts Correspondent of London Evening Standard, interviews Tamara Rojo after the performance

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Tamara Rojo in BBC One – Breakfast

Tamara Rojo on new role at English National Ballet & their new Sleeping Beauty in the BBC One – Breakfast.


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Tamara Rojo takes the helm at English National Ballet

Dance Magazine
By Margaret Willis
“I always said that one day I wanted to go back to ENB. It was my first home and I had such a feeling of family there.”
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Posted 2 years, 6 months ago at 5:26 pm.

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Song of the Earth

The Dream/Song of the Earth, Royal Opera House, London
Financial Times
It is a piercing work of art, gloriously done by Tamara Rojo as the Woman – her feelings concentrated in the ravishing outlines of her dance – by Carlos …

 The Dream/ Song of the Earth, Royal Ballet

The Arts Desk
If there’s ever been a more evocative interpreter than Tamara Rojo, I can’t imagine it. Though small and contained, she utters each gesture personally,

The Dream/Song of the Earth Royal Opera House London
The Independent
As the central woman, Tamara Rojo dances with calm, smooth strength. In the Farewell, there’s almost too much abandon in her gestures, but she has the
The Dream/Song of the Earth – review
The Guardian
And caught between them, Tamara Rojo carried the entire ballet in her body, moving from delicate girlishness to fierce anguish, and finally to a totemic
The Dream, Song of the Earth
Tamara Rojo as the Woman was equally impressive, solemn in expression and serious in intent. Rupert Pennefather made his debut as the Man,
The Dream/Song of the Earth/Royal Ballet, Covent Garden – review
Evening Standard
By accepting its humour, its compassion (Tamara Rojo fluttering in and out of panic as the darkness closes) and its ugliness (the apelike arm-beatings of

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