Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet – Royal Opera House

Choreographer: Kenneth MacMillan

“Tamara Rojo is one of the finest Juliets to be seen anywhere, sailing with effortless grace through MacMillan’s demanding inventions, and developing from …”

  • The Royal Ballet’s Romeo and Juilet at Covent Garden, review –

“But Tamara Rojo’s is better. Dancing two days earlier, she shows that her … it is an undeniably potent portrayal of lack of interest – with Rojo, …”

“Rojo is a superb Juliet, her dancing flawless throughout, and dramatically completely convincing..”

“At the heart of the evening, Tamara Rojo is MacMillan’s Juliet in all her impulsive sensuality and stubborn defiance, and – no less significant – in the ravishing outlines of the dance, curling and flowering within the musical phrase”…

  • Romeo and Juliet – Guardian by Judith Mackrell

“Kenneth MacMillan’s Romeo and Juliet gives its ballerina an extreme dramatic journey – provided she is willing to take it. And Tamara Rojo is … It is an exceptional performance, and what makes its conclusion ¬harrowing is that Rojo takes us there in ¬convincing stages.”

  • Romeo and Juliet – The Times by Debra Craine

He looks the part – tall, elegantly handsome, blond and dashing – but MacMillan demands a powerful naturalism in the drama and Pennefather was tremendously up for it.”

Rojo is an extremely accomplished dancer — strong, controlled and very beautiful. She is also at her best when she takes centrestage and lets a hot tide of emotion overwhelm her.”

  • Romeo and Juliet – musicOMH by Maria Iu

Rojo … seems able to express her love and yearning through every pore of her skin, beside being gifted with technical mastery.”

  • Romeo and Juliet Pink Paper

“… but the two dancers in the title roles on the opening night were Rupert Pennefather and Tamara Rojo, who danced every step with complete sincerity and …”

Tamara Rojo’s ardent Juliet was partnered by Rupert Pennefather. They don’t quite make a pair. Juliet is one of Rojo’s best roles, but on this evidence, Romeo isn’t Pennefather’s.”

Romeo and Juliet
UK, London, Covent Garden
Dancers: Avis, Marriott, Martin, McGorian, Morera, Pennefather, Polunin, Rojo
by Ismene Brown

Rojo’s genius is that she plays the part with no hindsight whatever – events gradually imprint their terrible consequences on her virginal character, they rip the protection of childhood off her, reveal this volcanically passionate and single-minded girl in love.”

“… Mercutio and Benvolio failed to convert, while Tamara Rojo’s Juliet and Rupert … Even by an improved Act III it was only Rojo, pictured right, …”